With few days left for the midterm elections in the U.S., Amazon’s Alexa will be capable of telling users data about polling information, voter registration timelines, and offer real-time election outcomes. After the election, Alexa will also be capable of giving more data on the result, comprising how many seats every party received, and data on particular candidates.

Alexa To Give Real-Time Election Updates

Alexa will be taking its answers from a couple of diverse associates that Amazon has joined hands with. In the days prior to the election, Alexa will be giving data on polling times and places, voter registration deadlines, and ballot data from Ballotpedia—a nonpartisan & nonprofit digital encyclopedia. On the day of election, Alexa will be reciting its real-time election news from the Associated Press, and will be capable of answering questions such as “Alexa, how is [candidate] doing in the election?” and “Alexa, who’s winning in [state]?”

On a related note, last Christmas Amazon Alexa and KAYAK came together to tell you at what time Santa Claus will make an entry down your chimney on the Eve of Christmas. To discover that if the Santa Claus is on his way to you or not with lots of gift, simply ask to Alexa. Alexa is the advanced AI form Amazon just like Apple Siri or Microsoft Cortana or Google Assistant.

All you have is to download the skill of KAYAL for your existing Alexa app. This will allow Alexa to track down Santa by using Santa Tracker. Once you are done with the downloading of KAYAK all you have to do is ask Alexa—Alexa, could you please ask KAYAK to track down Santa for me?—or—Alexa, confirm from KAYAK if Santa will be present in Chicago this Christmas Eve? You can also use it to ask and discover out at what time your present will arrive by asking—Hey Alexa, ask KAYAK when will be Santa arriving?

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